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COVID-19 Health & Safety

At Flying Chef, the safety of our customers and crew is a top priority. Today, more thanever, we remain committed to following state and local health guidelines and willcontinue implementing coronavirus safety measures to help ensure the health andsafety of our team and customers.

Helping to Protect You & Restaurant Crew

* Face Coverings for All Customers
The Flying Chef asks every customer entering our restaurants to wear a mask or face
covering as a safety step in alignment with the latest guidance from the Australian
Government Department of Health.

* Hygiene
As an enhancement to our already robust hygiene standards, all restaurant crew are
expected to complete rigorous, at least hourly hand-washing routines or more often
where required.

* Restaurant Cleanliness
We’re going above and beyond to keep frequently used items such as tables, chairs and
trays, cleaned and sanitized to help keep you safe.

* Dining Restaurant
As dining rooms begin to reopen, seating will be limited to follow safe distancing
procedures. You’ll be directed to clean and available seating, and once you’re seated,
we’ll deliver food to your table.

* Contactless Ordering & Delivery
We have many contactless ways to order your food including Online Order & Pay, which
is available online

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