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We’re always on the lookout for great staff at our restaurant and catering service. Look here for specific job postings,to be filled immediately.

In the Kitchen

Restaurant Assistant ( Immediate )

We’re looking for experienced, dynamic staff who can work well under pressure and deliver standardised results continuously. Previous knowledge about general food and drink is preferred. Customer service is a must!

Assistant Cook - Sri Lankan Cuisine ( Immediate )

We’re looking for a cook well-practiced in Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. Should be able to prep and cook a variety of dishes without supervision.

Event Coordinator - Catering Services

We’re looking for a leader to manage our external functions. Customer handling skills, reliability, adaptability, communication and organization is an absolute must. Quick decision making skills and working under time pressure will also be required.

Kitchen Hand ( Immediate )

We’re looking for a quick working team member to join our kitchen staff. A general idea about food safety and kitchen hygiene is required and swift thinking in a fast paced environment is a must.

Wait Staff - External Functions

We’re looking for waitstaff to attend to our guests at external catering events. Working efficiently and effectively  under time pressure is a must, and customer service is also important for this role.

To apply, please complete below form include availability, and we’ll get in touch if it’s time to interview.

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